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Identity of a table

Finalist project
Art and design competition promoted by Soroptimist International Italia
Exhibition c / o Quadreria Bovara Reina Lecco (Co)


The always be hyper-connected makes us slaves of updates, digital contacts, to the point of assistance in the chat that we no longer talk with those who are at the table with us, but write avidly on the phone.

Thanks to the network we talk more, but we communicate less, losing the pleasure of conversation and important details such as facial expressions, changes in tone of voice, eye contact. So relationships are weak, lonely, stuck, immobilized. The tablecloth, made of nylon pantyhose, represents this digital bond that absorbs us and that phagocyte also everything that the board is, from the food to the relationship with those we are facing. Nylon is elastic and allows the gestures, but these are hindered, they are not free.

So we are today: we are at a table with a cellphone in his hands and - despite the speed of the network - the actual conversation is locked, if not absent. The challenge is to find the thread: the dialogue and relations.

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