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"It's true that everything changes depending on the window from which you look

at reality".

Banana Yoshimoto, L'abito di piume



These significant words of the Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto represent spirit with which we approach our work. Interno Indaco offers design solutions for contemporary living, with a good design without underestimating economical aspects.
The design is carried out for various degrees of density, such as sheets of paper stacked, that create each time a
different and custom combination, tailored for the customer.


Architecture | Design |Interior Design | Restructure |Recycle | Reuse

About us

A total renovation

well managed to fit the budget. Many of the existing furnishings have been recovered.

A good investment that made the subsequent sale of the property easier.



The restructuring of the pre-existing pastry shop

it involved a lot of work to adapt it to our needs. The tailor-made work of the furnishings - new and recycled - was precise

and cared for.

Eskimo Atelier


Mondo Equo

The design of the new shop included the recovery of most of the furnishings of the old restaurant

and allowed us to contain



Every inch has been designed according to our needs. Nothing was left to chance. A careful renovation that fully reflects us in all environments.

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