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INquadrato consists of a few simple pieces: elegant powder-coated steel legs fixed to a 90 * 90 cm top and a 150 * 150 cm frame which, with a simple joint, matches with the Small top to create the Large table.

Four essences are used, applied with the ancient technique of inlay reinterpreted in a contemporary key: on the Small table a play of three-dimensionality is created which is amplified once combined with the Large table.

Unlike the other extendable tables, INquadrato does not hide the extension, rather it enhances it, hanging it directly on the wall as if it were a work of art.

Do you have guests for dinner? With a few simple gestures, the frame is removed from the wall and placed on the Small table (4 seats) to create the Large table (8 seats), and the game is done amidst the wonder and wonder of your guests!

INquadrato is a contemporary table that in its simplicity uses easily available wood, it is easily assembled, and at the same time, the inlay enhances the essence of a solid and long-lasting table, which evokes the craftsmanship of the past.

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